The birthing of The Dhow

Whereas our members have always had a keen penchant for the brew of natures best, visitations to the local pubs in our vicinity of play and practise have held high place in the life our Club.

As the ethers long resolved, a Club House without a pub is a house without a roof, a mountain without a river and a sky without a moon.
It has taken an age of eternal waiting and nomadic bar flying before courage and  conscience converged to put right this vacuous omission and bring to life our MEMBERS Pub.

All aboard as we take to the seven seas upon our home built DHOW protected by the angels of our hallowed turf, Hope Village.
A gathering of witnesses bellows out to all who hear the beating of the drum, to waltz down memory lane and consummate this wee dram moment.

Wednesday the 27th June, amidst the mid afternoon winter’ s glare shall be the moment to set sail!

With a waving wallet and a wet gullet, the invitation is for your person and the company you hold.