Joburg Cricket Club has made its home in the Inner city of Johannesburg at the appropriately-named Hope Village. The decision to build its first home ground in Bertrams, a richly diverse and cosmopolitan area, was linked directly to the club’s mission of rooting cricket in an area where the game was not being played by both adults and children.

It was also recognised that this area and its surrounds are associated with deep social and economic inequalities in relation to their northern neighbours. As a result of these inherent inequalities, deep social ills have taken root in this part of town.

The decision was therefore taken to embed the club within this community with the intention of using the club and the game of cricket to enable and encourage children from the area to learn and play a new game. Through this participation they are able to make new and lasting friends, engage in physical activities and learn some much-needed life skills, thus putting them in a position to make positive contributions in their families, schools and the broader community.

In 2007, the club registered as a Section 21 Non Profit Organisation with a board of directors who volunteer their time to oversee its work.

All the necessary structures have been put in place to oversee and implement the JCC vision and to ensure this work complies with expected governance and stakeholder requirements.

Central to the ethos under which we conduct our affairs is the following set of ten values that we hold dear:

  1. Adherence to the general principles contained in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.
  2. Play to the letter and spirit of the laws of the game.
  3. “Play with” principle – we play with our opposition.  Without them, there can be no game.  Their respect is always guaranteed irrespective of the result of the match.
  4. “Play for” principle – we play for our fellow team mates and the Club.  Without them, there can be no Club.  We respect all contributions, irrespective of performance.
  5. Play hard but fair at all times.
  6. Full support and respect for the Captain at all times.
  7. Full support and respect for all the Club structures and officials at all times.
  8. Fun and enjoyment on and off the field of play
  9. Respect for the game, the league we play in and the structures that mange the leagues at all times.
  10. Recognition of the role played by our families in sustaining the work of the Club.